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We can be contacted direct via snail mail (address at the bottom of the page) or via email below. However before contacting us, help us to help you by taking note of the following:

If you are contacting us in regards to a previous order – include the order number - and if possible, the order date. Without at least an order number we are unable to offer any assistance.

If you are contacting us about problems with viewing or hearing the audio on any of our tutorials, please refer to the support section located at the bottom of our FAQ section to see if the solution has already been addressed.

If you are contacting us regarding the Dance Music Manual, we are not responsible for its publishing or distribution. This is the responsibility of Focal Press/Elsevier/Taylor&Francis. We are unable to offer any assistance in regards to a missing or damaged CDs that were supplied with the first or second volume.

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What is Dance Music Production?

Established in 2003, DMP is an established studio and ghost production facility for international artists and DJ's, specialising online in tutorial videos. It is also home of the "Dance Music Manual", the critically acclaimed textbook on the production of electronic music published by Focal Press.



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Dance Music Production

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M4 6DE

Tel:0844 361090