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DMP Audio Services

DMP Mixing and Mastering will be live in the second quarter of 2016.

The DMP Audio Service (D.A.S) is our upcoming service that allows you to employ our expertise, hardware gear and resources on your music. In total we are offering four services; mix analysis, mixing solutions, mastering and vocal production work.

1. Mix Analysis

With mix analysis, you can send us your mix and we'll offer a combined total of 50 years experience in electronic dance music on the production, sounds and mixing of your track, offering opinions and solutions on how we think it could be further improved for release. The mixes are monitored in our custom acoustic room on a range of monitors including the standard Yamaha NS10m's alongside Natilus 801 and the Quested V3110's. 

2. Mixing Solutions

The mix solutions offer you the ability to access a professional studios equipment in the comfort of your own home. When just about everyone with a laptop is capable of producing music your ideas really need to stand out and production values can play a major part in that. With the Mixing Solution you can choose to simply have your stems summed through physical hardware such as the SSL AWS, X-Rack & Neve 8816 systems to hear how it changes the mix or you can choose to have it summed and then treated to tape saturation, transformers or compression through hardware SSL G series compressors or the Empirical Labs FATSO or Distressors. Or perhaps you just want your final mix to be treated to true analogue distortion through a number of Thermionic Birds such as the Culture Vulture or Phoenix.

3. Mastering

With the mastering service, we can master your final mix for release. Not only do you receive an audio master from producers who specialise in electronic dance music but you'll also have the benefit of your audio run through some of the most respected hardware available to date, including the Manley Massive Passive, Manley Slam and Chandler/EMI TG12413 Zener Limiter.

4. Vocal Services

Over the years we've worked with a number of session singers and can offer you their vocal talents, recorded in our custom booth through industry standard hardware such as the Neve 1073, Great River MP, Focusrite ISA, API's and Neumann microphones (U87i, U87Ai & U67). Send us the mix segment, let us know the lyrics, the gear you want to use and choose your favorite vocalist from the samples. We'll take care of the rest and deliver it electronically in 24-bit 44.1Khz.




What is Dance Music Production?

Established in 2003, DMP is an established studio and ghost production facility for international artists and DJ's, specialising online in tutorial videos. It is also home of the "Dance Music Manual", the critically acclaimed textbook on the production of electronic music published by Focal Press.



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