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Here are just a few of our customers testimonials that we've deliberately only taken from our forum and our Facebook so you can personally confirm their authenticity (we've had many more via email too);

Deep house tutorial is rich , including materials . You will find Gigas of How to and techniques from scratch to the arrangement . DMP know their job. Techno tutorial is a piece of art on how a single bar can be optimized. The reverb tutorial and delay also a must without counting the fundamentals , creative juices. ” ~ Adrien.T

the DVDs that I have purchased are of an incredible quality and I would like to thank you for putting these tutorials together. I am currently studying music production at university and am finding that some of the concepts that are covered in your tutorials have not been taught that well in our lectures.

I am a subscriber to Macpro and also whilst I find that there are one or two OK tutorials on there, the vast majority turn out to be very vague, a bit of a waste of valuable time and they don't go in to the level of detail that your tutorials delve in to. I stumbled across your website and after seeing some example clips and checking over the testimonials I decided to take a gamble on them because higher education, despite the now increased tuition fees, is not giving me the full picture and I am beginning to feel very short changed for the time, money and investment that I have already put in to learning about this stuff.

Your EQ and compression sessions that I have studied so far have really helped me to comprehend these tools immensely and have certainly been well worth the money spent. Every tutorial that I watch has to be beneficial, every penny has to count and thankfully so far, your tutorials have proved to be well worth it. I look forward to your future releases and am especially interested in getting my hands on the dimensional mixing tutorial when it becomes available. You have a fantastic way of explaining some of the complex principles and theories behind music production and sound engineering, simplifying them enough for someone like me to be able to grasp, understand and apply them in my own situations, so again many thanks,!” ~ Alex.P

I just wanted to say thank you so much!!! As an in the box kind of guy this answered all the questions I had plus some. Seriously, this is great now I'm confident recording vocals and setting up treatment...” ~ Mario.R

I just wanted to say a massive thanks to Rick and the DMP team for the stellar tutorials which have had a massive impact on my production skills and creativity. I’ve been sending stuff of for years with zero success and I have no doubt that without DMP the strike rate would have been the same. This stuff really works!” ~ Richard.B

In my opinion this dvd has been one of the greatest learning experiences I have ever had.” ~ tcs439

I’ve been trying to get signed for 2 years,after watching lots of videos and reading a couple of books my skills did not improve rather declined because I got confused by all those commercial videos and books which just wasted my money and time. Then by accident i saw DMM 2nd edition on web and i bought it,after reading it i bought 5 dvds. I bought all the tools you used, i opened my sequencer and made 2 tracks. I sent them to the record label which didn’t even answer me before for my previouse demos, they answered in less than 24hours,they were so surprised they could’nt believe i was a newcomer,they signed me for my release plus 3 of my future releases with a good royalty fee and 50percent of all the earnings.” ~ Majid.R

DMP filled in all the blanks, shed light on everything I was missing, took me from “impatient and eager”, to more “relaxed and chilled”, paying attention to details, making the very best of my ideas, always second guessing, thinking of ways to make things better or more exciting. I got rid of my readophobia, all thanks to DMP, now I’m always reading, experimenting, getting a better grasp of things, DMP’s made a significant impact in my life, I sound like I’m on Oprah , all jokes aside, I’d still be lost production wise if it weren’t for DMP, and for that I’m grateful, it’s opened paths for me music wise and given me a hunger for knowledge, I’m looking forward to the road ahead, bumpy or smooth as it may be.” ~ Spill

…That to me is a sign of a real master class – top notch highly non-trivial knowledge explained extremely well that even I can understand it – combined with a great deal of humor. Everyone who is in learning theory or psychology will confirm that there is no better way for the brain to learn complex things.If a teacher can’t explain a topic well – then there is one single reason – because the teacher hasn’t understood it really himself. I have seen this brilliant teaching style once – when I was reading the outstanding Richard P. Feynman Lectures on Physics during my university years – a lecture series dating back to the 1960s which has changed the way physics should be taught forever – and which is still on top of the reading list of every serious freshman in physics. Rick is in that league.” ~ Trance Dreamer

I bought the DDM 1st edition & then joined the forum, waited a long time for the first tutorials to be produced but they were more than worth te wait. I am nowhere near pro standard ut with Ricks teachings i am more advanced than i ever could have been doing things on my own. The amount of time and effort put into the tutorials is far superior to anything else i’ve ever came across, Rick & the DMP team deserve so much credit & praise for this.” ~ Bru

I just have to say this for any one who don`t own any of the DVD Production course`s!! I orderd the Fundamental 1 and 2 (drums and bass) DVD disc`s recently (South Africa). Before I bought them I read the reviews by some clients and its true what they say….its like sitting in on the projects with the pro`s! This is exactly what I was searching for, the only one problem I have is that I discovered it so late in my life!! Cant wait to get them all!! If and when I make my mark with Trance ,I could only say, THANKS RICK SNOMAN and everyone who were involved!!!” ~ Ferdinand

For anyone wondering whether or not this DVD is for you, or if it is worth the price. Let me tell you that you will not find quality of this caliber anywhere else. ” ~ tcs439

The dvds are wicked and I’d like to thank the DMP team for putting these together and especially to Rick for presenting the techniques in a unique style that is streets ahead of any other tutorials that I’ve ever watched! I’ve been learning from friends, searching the internet and reading books about dance music production for a few years now but I’ve never really progressed at a great rate. That’s until the dvds from DMP were delivered to my door. I just happened to come across the first edition DMP manual that I bought years ago and realised that there was a website associated with the book. At first, I wasn’t expecting anything exciting. So I checked it out, noticed the shop, read the testimonials on the dvds and decided to take the risk and part with my hard earned cash instead of buying that new synth. Wow! They’re the best investment I could’ve ever made! I’m so glad I took the time to go to the website. I was sceptical at first and I’d thought I’d taken a pricey gamble, but that initial anxiety couldn’t be further from the truth. So thanks again guys and keep up the great work!” ~ Strawberry

This DVD is an invaluable source of information for any beginner or a pro. It has helped me A LOT in understanding now to properly arrange Trance music. It might be strange but “The Ideas” chapter was the most valuable to me, as I simply didn’t know where to start. I feel I will be going over and over it again. But there’s one thing for sure, there simply no other place where I can get this information from!” ~ DJ.Shocker

I joined DMP in March last year (I think) bought most of the DVD’s and not looked back. DMP has completely revolutionised the way I think about and make music. Not only do have vastly better technical skills but my creativity has been ignited. I now control my equipment, not the other way round. This stuff is the f*cking nuts.” ~ Richard.B

i would like to take the time as well to thank rick and his crew for putting out these AMAZING tutorials…” ~ Badass

I so much agree to all what you guys have said here. I once posted here that what the nobel prize laureate Richard P Feynman did to take teaching physics to a whole new level Rick is doing for taking teaching production techniques to a complete new level.” ~ Trance Dreamer

I finished watching the bass fundamental dvd and I just had to sign up to say how grateful i am to have the privilege to watch these videos! I’ve seen the synthesis and drum DVDs as well and i can really hear how much i’ve been improving. I graduated from university with a degree in music theory. I’ve yet to explore the harmony and melody dvds (which i have right next to me) but the way master snoman explains theory so far is really efficient and intuitive.” ~ Iron Blue

I wanted to take a minute and express my appreciation. I just finished the DMP Fundamentals Pack (with a minor break to sneak in Sessions 2). Without delving to deep into my frustration of being a producer-hobbyist, I’ve put in a great deal of effort toward understanding music. To gain and seek this understanding (before finding DMP), I subscribed to forum boards, committed countless hours to web research, purchased an expensive magazine subscription, and of course read the DMM front to back (practically twice). I was at the end of rope, with no where else to turn. Then one Sunday, I honestly don’t known what I Googled, but I found DMP. The tutorials are more than just tutorials to me. They are full of knowledge. At times, they are humorous. And most of all, they inspiring. That being said…thank you Rick and DMP crew for doing what you all have decided to do..” ~ Suspect

Just wanted to drop you a quick message to say thank you for all the work and information you have shared throughout the DVD series. Each has been easy to follow and the results to my production levels have noticeably grown, so much that I was asked to remix a track for a label and they have accepted it!” ~ Nifty

EQ is something that i’ve struggled to get to grips with for years. Most of my time has been spent looking at an analyser then boosting/cutting in a completely random fashion. Literally within a few hours of practicing the techniques shown in the DVD I was able to locate and remove rougue frequencies and highlight the nicer ones. A mix i’m working on already has more energy and clarity than anything else that i’ve ever produced. The information included is absolutely essential material for anyone serious about their music and it is delivered in a clear, concise manner. Quite frankly, £19.95 is cheap for the quality of product here. 10/10” ~ Shop Review

After watching Fundamentals 1-4 and Trance DVD, I have to say that all of the testimonials are really spot on. The one thing I can add is that these DVDs really demystify the entire process. Making professional tunes takes a lot of time and effort to get right, and there is no magic bullet for anything. I’ve watched several of the “In the Studio” videos and they are not much help. They give you the false impression that the track was whipped up like some kind of instant pudding, and that the producers are just dragging and dropping elements in with ease. I’ve learned that professional productions are all about the little details most people take for granted. I used to approach think of minute improvement as a form of failure, but seeing the videos helped me learn that a whole bunch of gradual improvements and attention to detail can make a big difference in the end.” ~ Beatflux

I have been playing around with electronic music for the last 6 years. I haven’t yet put together a track that i would buy myself, nothing seems to work and always ends in frustration. I have approached people to teach me but never found anyone to help. I have a membership to Sonic Academy and bought Tim Allens Groove 3 series for Ableton, and keep an eye on youtube for tips. Nothing has compared to the depth of knowledge that Rick is sharing with his DVD’s, I cant believe he actually wants to let everyone know his secrets for producing music. It is evident from the very beginning that he really knows his stuff and and everything he says makes sense.” ~ Bishbo

Thank you Rick (prof. Brian Cox soundalike) I’ve only bought two of the DMP series: Progressive House and Mixing / Mastering. I was able to use the techniques learned to produce and master a remix track for a remix contest and it’s the best produced sound I’ve ever gotten before!” ~ Focusrite

Just wanted to say an UBER HUGE thank you for making these videos. I’ve been playing around with music production for 10 years now and these DVDs are the ONLY ones that have taught me what I need to know to make a great track. I hate music theory but the videos were presented in a fun way and I have learned soo much from them.” ~ ARP505

Rick is a fantastic teacher and if you feel unsure about how reverb works and how to use it properly this tutorial is worth every penny. I have received a whole lot of essential information about reverb that would probably take a while to get if it wasn´t for this tutorial. I genuinely feel confident about using and talking about reverb now, which is what I did expect from this tutorial before I watched it. It is such as nice feeling when your expectations match what you get. Thanks DMP” ~ Ohison M

DMP is simply the best…I’ve watched tons of tutorials from Sonic Academy, Groove3, and various independent sources… but NONE came close to Rick Snowman’s DVDs. His approach is professional, relevant, and inspiring. I’ve truly appreciated the opportunity to view them.” ~ D0ot

This dvd has helped me understand how compression works, both in theory and in practice (which btw a chapter about compression in a book cannot teach) as well as open up my ability to experiement with compression on my own material so I in time hopefully will know when and where to use compression in my own mixes. Its the same with the Reverb dvd; Its impossible to understand how reverb sounds just by reading about it in a book. For the price of an entrance ticket to a club I know have the right conditions to be a master of compression in the future. Plus, I saved a few unnecessary beers from reaching my stomach last week. Thank you Rick” ~ Ohison M

Like all the other DVDs I can only recommend this tutorial, in this case to all the owners of the Virus that want to get more out of it.” ~ Sinus

This is the most important video Ive ever watched besides the Redneck Olympics. Damn Rick, you are a Saint amongst mortals. If there is one DVD to get…it is this.” ~ DrumGod

I must say that I am absolutely blown away by the quality and sheer volume of knowledge that is contained in these products. It seems like every thirty seconds or so I am learning something new that I would have spent days, months, or years banging my head against trying to figure out on my own.To anyone wondering if any of the DMP products are worth it: GET THEM NOW!” ~ WAKaWaka

If you are looking for a recommendation on which ones to buy…. BUY THE LOT…it will be the best money you ever spend.” ~ Bishbo2000

This review actually summarizes every other DMP tutorial as well, but as I have just finished watching the EQ Sessions I dedicate it to this latest release: Another tutorial that opened my eyes, another one after which I wondered where I could be today if I had this information earlier. I guess it would have saved me a lot of time that I wasted in order to only get half knowledge. Although I already knew parts of the information presented in the tutorial, I always missed the full picture to use it properly. It`s the presentation of this full picture and the realism (the emphasis that it needs time, hard work and practice in order to become better and better for example) that makes all of the DMP tutorials so worthwhile. As others have already said, Rick not only possesses great knowledge, he also is a very good teacher who knows how to present the information in a way one can understand it pretty easy. Many others only have one of these two abilities.” ~ Sinus

I have seen several of Ricks tutorials, and read the Dance music manual and I am now in no doubt that Rick is a first rate teacher. You could find the biggest, most celebrated producer in the world but its highly unlikely he would be as good a teacher, and even less chance that he will share all his knowledge and secrets with you. All good teachers know that repetition is crucial and Rick does hammer home the important points.” ~ Chris_m

What can i say, i’ve only watched the first 2 sessions and i’m hooked. As always another stellar dvd packed full of concise information to melt your brain.” ~ Chivers

Hi there, I just want to give my praise and thanks to Rick for these amazing DVD’s/Downloads I have plodded on literally for about 2 & a half years! I have been enrolled on Pointblank done there Logic & Logic Advanced Course. Also there Min tech course and I am now doing there sound design course. Also watched most of the Groove 3 stuff and a million & 1 other tuts a few book and subscribed to all the magazines! ***BUT*** (Sorry for the life story ) I have to say, I bought the Synthesis dvd about 2 years ago. did’t really get it so left it till last September I think. WHAT WAS I THINKING!!! Changed the game!! then I have purchased fundamentals 1-4 Session’s 1-3. They are structured and told in a way of ease and understanding! Loads of these so called courses/tuts (Pointblank/Groove3) are good (And Fooking EXPENSIVE) but they could’t tie the show laces of these DVDs #Simples” ~ David.L

Just finished watching Fundamental 5 Vocals DVD, recently bought at DMP. It’s another great course of DMP. For me it’s a very good guidline and helped me a lot by recording and processing vocals. The way Rick explains things and show you what kind of processing is used is unique. So, keep up the good work Rick!” ~ John.B

All I can say is if you want to improve in any area of music , then these DVD’s are a must” ~ Metallic Space Blueberry

Even though this doesn’t strictly relate to EDM, it relates to this forum and Rick. I got bit lucky and managed to get a deal worth of 5 songs with one Swedish music publishing company (soundtrack music for tv and film), for which I’m quite happy. It’s nothing big and special, but it’s something. Anyways the thing is that without Rick’s wondeful eq, reverb and compressor dvd, my mixing skills wouldn’t be in the level (not that they are that special) where there are now, and without those skills I wouldn’t have got that deal. So thanks Rick for improving my skills! It’s a small step, but it’s a start.” ~ Raskal83

This DVD is the best ‘manual’ ever. It’s brilliant being able to punch up Ultrabeat again after watching the DVD and have an instant sense of familiarity with it.” ~ Dilazaa

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