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Our complete range of tutorials available on both DVD and immediate delivery with electronic download.


Fundamentals are our range of video tutorials that are dedicated to the ‘fundamental’ production techniques and procedures that all practicing EDM producers should be completely versed in. Covering topics such as drum programming, music theory, formal structure and ear training techniques, our fundamental series are our best selling products.

 Fundamental 1: Drums and Drum Loop Programming: £19.95

Fundamental 1 examines the most crucial element of all dance music: the drum groove. If you've ever wondered how you can produce the professional sounding drum loops and rhythms you hear on the dance floor and on sample CD's, Fundamental 1 has the answer.

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 Fundamental 2 : Music Theory Bass: £19.95

Fundamental 2 continues on from Fundamental 1 but this time concentrating on music theory and its application to bass. Over 3 hours of video tutorial discuss the basics of scales and modes, alongside how this theory can be translated into producing dance bass lines for electronic dance music.

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 Fundamental 3: Music Theory Harmony: £19.95

For the third edition, we continue to discuss music theory but this time how it relates to the creation of chords and harmony. Over three hours of video discusses the composition and construction of chords, chord progressions and the use of pads and strings

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 Fundamental 4 : Music Theory Melody: 19.95

For the fourth edition of the Fundamental series, we continue to discuss the music theory and practices that form an integral part of any dance musicians production skills – this time we examine the theory and composition of melodies, motifs and hooks.

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 Fundamental 5: Vocals: £34.95

For F5, we left our studios and went out into the field to show how, armed with some knowledge and a modest budget, its possible to capture hit vocals in a dance hall or even a small bedroom. 

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 Fundamental 6: Formal Structure: £34.95

We’ve all been there. You have a killer 8 or 16 bars running in your DAW but when it comes to building an entire track from them it isn’t as easy as it first appears. Simply repeating the loop throughout the length of the track and dropping audio channels in and out doesn't make for an interesting or exciting track and is more likely to send your listeners to sleep.

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 Fundamental 7: Counterpoint: £29.95

Fundamental 7, discusses and dissects the theory of counterpoint and the importance within electronic dance music. Counterpoint can be a complicated theory but it can also plays a significant role in the composition of music. If you've ever composed a melodic lead line (or a baseline) and wanted to produce another melody to compliment it - counterpoint has the solution.

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 Fundamental 10: Drums and Drum Loop Programming 2: £29.95

Fundamental 10 returns to where our series originally began, to discuss and dissect one of the most fundamental elements of dance music; rhythm. Picking up where Fundamental 1 left off, for this second volume is for more advanced users as we look deeper into the creation of drum loops, programming and rhythm.

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The ability to use your production tools efficiently and properly forms the rudimentary difference between an amateur and professional but relies on completely understanding both the theory and practice of application. Each sessions tutorial offers a complete breakdown and explaination of the unit in focus so if you're struggling to understand the theory and applications of compression, EQ, Delay or want to understand the parameters on offer in the Virus Ti, our sessions tutorials are essential.

 Sessions: Reverb: £19.95

For volume one of Sessions we take the lid off reverb and examine it in detail. We discuss exactly what reverb is, how it works, the principle of RT60, Sabins, early reflections, late reflections, reverberation fields, ambience, plates and chambers, alongside the uses of modulation, diffusion, spin, wander, EQ, reflection and pre-delay.

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 Sessions: Ultrabeat: £19.95

The drums form the cornerstone of dance music and will often make or break the entire track so its essential that you have the right tools for the job. Although there are plenty of third-party drum synthesizers, samplers and modules now available on the market – it just so happens that one of the most powerful, customisable, and popular drum synthesziers comes free with Apple’s ‘Logic Pro’ Sequencer. The Ultrabeat…

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 Sessions: ES2: £19.95

The ES2, Logics own inbuilt version of the Access Virus (unofficial) is perhaps the most powerful synthesizer that is provided with Logic Pro but its distinctive sonic character is evident in countless professional EDM records and film soundtracks.

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 Sessions: Compression: £19.95

Compressors and dynamic audio compression...There can be no doubt that when it comes to producing Electronic Dance Music, compression forms an essential element of the quintessential sound of modern dance music so an understanding of it is paramount for production. However, with so much mis-information surrounding this processor it can be difficult to form an accurate representation of what it is and what it does

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 Sessions Virus Ti: £19.95

The Access Virus has grown to become one of the most influential synthesizers in the production of dance music. Its distinctive sonic signature can be heard on thousands of dance records but being a particularly complex synthesizer it can take some time to understand all the parameters on offer.For this sessions tutorial we decipher the often bewildering array of parameters on offer and show how you can use the Virus Ti to its full potential

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 Sessions EQ: £19.95

For  S6we discuss and examine EQ. With a focus on its use in the production of electronic dance music we lift the lid on one of the most useful yet most mix destroying processors ever conceived.


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 Sessions Delay: £19.95

Delay, like reverb, is one of those effects we take for granted as producers.The effect isn't as subtle or elusive as compression, for example, and it can often be immediately noticeable when applied even in small amounts so we often feel it needs no real introduction. However, the somewhat simple nature belies a far more complex application for music production and mixing.

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The Technique range of tutorials are aimed at producers who want to understand the theory and practical application of music production in general. This range includes tutorials on the theory and practice of different forms of synthesis through to mixing and mastering and remixing.

 Technique: Analogue Synthesis £19.95

One of our best selling tutorials and spanning Over 4 hours of video we examine the components of sound within the typical analogue synthesizer. Using both FFT and analysis we explain the theory and principles behind oscillators, filters, envelopes, operators and the creation of harmonics – and how you can use this theory to program synthesizers and also closely replicate sounds from other records.

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 Technique: Frequency Modulation £34.95

The mere mention FM synthesis is enough to strike fear into most producers, conjouring up images of lengthy algorithms and the notorious Yamaha DX-7. However, FM synthesis has something of an unfair rap and isn't as complicated as many fear. In fact, it only requires a basic understanding of analog synthesis in order to understand how it can be programmed.

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 Technique: Remixing £29.95

This course focuses on the methods and production techniques behind writing, engineering and producing a professional remix for club and radio airplay. Throughout this tutorial, we remix a top 40 commercial hit from start to finish – a track our production company was previously requested to remix for promotional purposes and have kindly been given permission to once again access the original multi-track files for the purposes of this tutorial.

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 Technique: Dimensional Mixing £29.95

This volume of our techniques range concentrates on the theory and practice of mixing electronic dance music. Subjects covered in this tutorial include gain structure, understanding the mixer, bussing, VCA groups, low end theory, ear training and mix approaches.

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The Spotlight range of tutorials are aimed at producers who want to understand the practical application of manufacturer specific plug-ins. Each Spotlight tutorials walks through every parameter on offer through the interface and explains how each affects the audio when used. If you own a plug-in that you don't quite understand or know how to use to its full potential, the Spotlight range have you covered.


 Spotlight: Soundtoys £5.95

This edition of spotlight dissects the parameters available on the SoundToys bundle - Tremolator, Phase Mistress, Crystalizer and Filterfreak 1 & 2 & 2




The Genre tutorials are dedicated to the production ethics involved in creating specific electronic dance music genres. These often consist of the theory discussed in our technique and fundamental tutorials put into a more practical setting and mixed with yet further specialist approaches that are unique to each genre being covered.

 Genre: Dance Floor £29.95

Re-written, restructured and re-released, this course focuses on the methods and production techniques behind writing, engineering and producing a professional white label/french house record for club play. (French House relates to the genre of music where an 8 to 16 bar segment of another record is sampled and then manipulated into a dance track).

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 Genre: Trance V1: £29.95

Trance Production is our second release on composing and producing electronic dance music. The first part of a two part course (Mixing and Mastering being the second part to this tutorial) we spend close to three hours focusing on how to write, engineer and produce a trance track.

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 Genre: Progressive House: £34.95

This genre tutorial examines the production, theory, tips and techniques behind the creation of "Progressive House". Filmed over a period of 3 weeks, this is perhaps our most intense training tutorial so far covering a host of compositional and engineering techniques associated with the genre.

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 Genre: Uplifting Trance: £34.95

Uplifting trance, sometimes termed “Main Room”, “Euphoric”, “Anthem” or “Peak Time” is one of the most dominant forms of dance music worldwide, consisting of energetic melodic riffs, a fast tempo and a driving bass. Almost guaranteed to fill most dance floors, this tutorial dissects the genre and discusses in detail how its composed, constructed and engineered…

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 Genre: Hardstyle: £44.95

One of the more aggressive forms of dance music often employing a hard, distorted (“barking”) kick drum mixed amongst melodic leads and binary motifs. It is also one of the more complex genres, requiring knowledge of a number of techniques. Running close to 12 hours of video, this tutorial has been divided into three discs.

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 Genre: Techno: £44.95

While on first listening Techno can appear a relatively simple genre its simplicity belies a far more complex production ethic. Infusing multiple rhythms with a major emphasis on its rhythmical continuity and a relatively limited motivic development it instead relies on a fundamental knowledge of very specific compositional and production techniques.

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 Genre: Deep House: £44.95

Drawing on elements of Chicago house, soul, funk and Detroit music, deep house is often best known for its jazzy suspended chords, close-concentrated dissonant melodies, soulful vocal snippets and a general laid-back, deep feel to the music. Running over 14 hours, this tutorial dissects and examines the production ethics involved.

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 Producer Packs

 Complete Fundamental Pack: £149

 The complete fundamental pack is the perfect introduction to anyone starting out in producing electronic dance music and consists of all our current fundamental releases (F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6 & F7) at a discount price. 

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Sessions Pack: £74.95

 The sessions pack is aimed at anyone who wants to gain a better insight and understanding into the most significant processors and effects used in the production of electronic dance music.

  1. Sessions Reverb
  2. Sessions Compression
  3. Sessions EQ
  4. Sessions Delay

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 The Anthology: £279.00

DMP The Anthology is an 18 disc collection with over 24 hours of video tuition of our best selling DVD's and at a discounted price. This is the perfect introduction to anyone looking to take their music production to the next level:

The pack consists of:Dance Floor - Trance - Mixing and Mastering - Synthesis Vol.1- Fundamental 1: Drums - Fundamental 2: Bass - Fundamental 3: Harmony - Fundamental 4: Melody - Fundamental 5: Vocals (Dual DVD Edition) - Fundamental 6: Arranging (Dual DVD Edition) - Fundamental 7: Counterpoint - Progressive House (Dual DVD Edition) & Remixing (Dual DVD Edition). 

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Like our tutorials, our range of sample CD's are aimed towards the professional and semi-professional producer who require professional "A" grade samples to help them realise their ideas and produce professional music without having to make artistic compromises.

This means no over-exercised, inexperienced and heavy-handed application of esoteric analogue gear just to make it sound great out of the box. Instead, we very carefully process our samples through some of the most respected hardware, including the EL FATSO, EL8X Distressors and Neve 3309 through to the API 5500 EQ, SSL G series buss compressors, SSL EQ and Thermionic hardware to give the samples the requisite "energy" whilst also ensuring they can sit appropriately in any mix, whether you share the same equipment or not.

 Tuned Percussion: £19.95

The first sample CD from our new range consists entirely of tuned kicks, snares, claps, closed and open hats, shakers, tambourines, cymbals, rides, toms, claves, bongos, cow bells, rim shots and even triangles. Notably, unlike the few available "tuned" percussion releases from other companies, all the samples in our collection have been 12-TET tuned on the instrument itself, not sampled at one note and then played through a sampler to change the pitch - there is a significant difference in sonic quality and accuracy.

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 Jaeger: £19.95

Our first sample CD is aimed towards producers who understand that pre-made drum rhythms, melodic loops or quick ''fix'' construction kits only result in you, the producer, having to make artistic compromises.

Working in the industry, we know many professionals don''t want the rigidity of fixed drum loops and don''t want to be forced into creative dead ends with pre-programmed leads and basses. They especially don''t want to struggle attempting to match the sonic ''character'' from esoteric analogue gear to the rest of their mix.

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What is Dance Music Production?

Established in 2003, DMP is an established studio and ghost production facility for international artists and DJ's, specialising online in tutorial videos. It is also home of the "Dance Music Manual", the critically acclaimed textbook on the production of electronic music published by Focal Press.



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