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Like our tutorials, our range of sample CD's are aimed towards the professional and semi-professional producer who require professional "A" grade samples to help them realise their ideas and produce professional music without having to make artistic compromises. Our sample CD's don't contain "monstrous street smashing beatz", "pseudo breaking, stylish vibes", "ultra low glitches" or any other marketing gibberish. Instead, they just consist of high quality samples that can be used in a variety of productions.

Working as producers in the industry ourselves, we also know most don't want to struggle attempting to match the sonic 'character' from over-exercised, inexperienced and heavy-handed application of esoteric analogue gear just to make it sound great out of the box. It becomes impossible to match with the rest of your mix unless you have access to the same gear!

Instead, we craft and then very carefully process our samples through some of the most respected hardware, including the EL FATSO, EL8X Distressors and Neve 3309 through to the API 5500 EQ, SSL G series buss compressors, SSL EQ and Thermionic hardware to give the samples the requisite "energy" whilst also ensuring they can sit appropriately in any mix, whether you share the same equipment or not.

Tuned Percussion

 Advanced Samples Out Of The Box: £19.95

Over 2GB of professionally recorded samples from outside and in.

While its easy to create sounds within any DAW, as dance music producers and artists, we often forget there are a multitude of sounds that can be found outside. Yet, sounds from nature can provide an entirely new sonic pallette for any producer. 


Professional artists in genres such as Tech House, Minimal, Drum & Bass, House and Techno are already using "found" sounds to help create amtmospheres in their music and their use is growing beyond simple atmospheres. Sounds from outside the DAW are being used in samplers to create new leads and pads that couldn't be created any other way. With this resurgance of sampling sounds, we came up with our latest sample CD "Out of the Box". Over 2GB of samples were recorded from different locations and packaged into a single download. Using professional recording equipment (Tascam HS-P82 & Neumann TLM 107) we recorded samples from anywhere and everywhere including carnivals, nature, studios, living rooms, bathrooms and gardens. 


Samples were then compressed, EQ'd and edited using hardware such as the FATSO, API and SSL to produce the best sound possible. What's more, every sample we recorded was also treated individually through a variety of different effects to produce an alternate sound, showing some of the possibilites.


The CD contains samples taken from:

  • At the Carnival
  • In Nature
  • In The Bathroom
  • In The Garden
  • In The Kitchen
  • In The Lounge
  • In The Office
  • In The Studio

All in Wav format at 24-bit 44.1Khz 

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Tuned Percussion

 Advanced Samples Tuned Percussion: £19.95

Although tuning the kick drum to the key of the music has now become common-place for dance music, tuning further percussion such as hi-hats, snares, claps, cymbals and ancillary percussion is steadily growing in popularity. By tuning all percussion, the producer is ensured that the loop will not only gel together but it also makes the process of layering drum sounds together far easier.

What’s more, in genres such as Tech House, it isn’t unusual for the producer to employ a “diminished seventh” drum loop - in essence creating a diminished seventh chord structure from the percussion (this technique is discussed in detail in the upcoming Fundamental 10) to ensure harmonious interaction throughout the loop.

With this in mind, we’ve released Tuned Percussion Volume 1. This sample CD from our new range consists entirely of tuned kicks, snares, claps, closed and open hats, shakers, tambourines, cymbals, rides, toms, claves, bongos, cow bells, rim shots and even triangles. Notably, unlike the few available "tuned" percussion releases from other companies, all the samples in our collection have been 12-TET tuned on the instrument itself, not sampled at one note and then played through a sampler to change the pitch - there is a significant difference in sonic quality and accuracy.

The samples are tuned at the most commonly used octaves for that particular instrument (known as a set) and consist of:

  • 25 x Sets of Tuned Kicks
  • 10 x Sets of Tuned Snares
  • 6 x Sets of Tuned Claps
  • 2 x Sets of Tuned Bongos
  • 2 x Sets of Tuned Claves
  • 6 x Sets of Closed hats
  • 2 x Sets of Tuned Congas
  • 6 x Sets of Tuned Cow bells
  • 8 x Sets of Tuned Cymbals
  • 4 x Sets of Tuned Maracas
  • 6 x Sets of Tuned Open Hats
  • 4 x Sets of Tuned Ride Cymbals
  • 8 x Sets of Tuned Rim Shots
  • 2 x Sets of Tuned Shakers
  • 2 x Sets of Tuned Tambourines
  • 5 x Sets of Tuned Tom Drums
  • 2 x Sets of Tuned Triangles
  • 2 x Sets of Tuned Metallic Style Drums
  • Full Range Noise
  • Tuned Subs

All in Aiff and Wav format at 24-bit 44.1Khz

Note: Like our range of tutorials, our sample CDs are aimed towards the professional and semi-professional producer. This means there are no "monstrous street smashing beatz", "pseudo breaking, stylish vibes", "ultra low glitches" or “booty shaking loops” included. The entire CD consists of nothing more than one-shot hit samples that have been very carefully recorded and processed to provide the producer with the freedom to build their own percussive sounds by layering quickly and efficiently without having to make artistic compromises.

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Tuned Percussion

 DMP Jaeger: £19.95

Jaeger is back! Due to popular request, we've re-released our first sample CD. Aimed towards producers who understand that pre-made drum rhythms, melodic loops or quick ''fix'' construction kits only result in you, the producer, having to make artistic compromises 

Working in the industry, we know many professionals don''t want the rigidity of fixed drum loops and don''t want to be forced into creative dead ends with pre-programmed leads and basses. They especially don''t want to struggle attempting to match the sonic ''character'' from esoteric analogue gear to the rest of their mix. With Jaeger, there are no over compressed, over limited and over effected loops just so they sound great out of the box. And there are no pre-programmed lead or bass melodies to force you into a creative "dead end"

Instead, you''ll find a number of very carefully engineered kick drums, snares, claps, open and closed hats, shakers, cymbals, tambourines and various percussion instruments (including all the samples used in many of our genre tutorials). All of these are taken from our own personal sample banks that we''ve created over the years and all are sampled at 16-bit 44.1Khz.

Like our genre tutorials - each of these drum instruments are individually picked and sorted into 24 different samples per folder covering a diverse range of genres. This saves you from having to preview the samples in a browser beforehand - simply drop a folder of kick samples (for example) into your sampler and move through them with MIDI and in the context of your track.

In total there are approximately 197 kick drum samples, 120 claps, 115 Open Hats, 105 Closed Hats, 78 Cymbals, 21 Shakers, 80 Snares, 11 Tambourines and 58 other percussive style samples - all covering a wide range of (electronic dance) styles.

In addition to the drums, Jaeger also features a number of multi-sampled leads and basses, programmed and sampled from instruments such as the Alesis Andromeda and classic EMU, Yamaha and Roland gear. These are all sampled at the most important octaves for the instrument and at every note of the octave. These multi-sampled instruments are all in 24-bit Wav format and pre-formatted for Logic''s EXS24, Reason and Kontakt (v3 upwards) allowing you to have the instruments up and running in your sampler in minutes. In this re-issue we've also included further multi-sampled instruments from our previous productions.

If you''ve seen any of our genre tutorials and are a professional or semi-professional producer, Jaeger offers an efficient solution for getting the basis of your tracks down without the hassle or fuss of trawling through hundreds of loops and sample CD''s to try and find something worthwhile to get your ideas going.

Jaeger is available as a physical sample CD or as a download.

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