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Sessions are our range of video tutorials that are dedicated to helping producers understand the most indispensible and commonly used plug-ins and synthesizers employed in the production of electronic dance music.

The ability to use your production tools efficiently and properly forms the rudimentary difference between an amateur and professional but relies on completely understanding both the theory and practice of application. Each sessions tutorial offers a complete breakdown and explaination of the unit in focus so if you're struggling to understand the theory and applications of compression, EQ, Delay or want to understand the parameters on offer in the Virus Ti, our sessions tutorials are essential.

In this first Sessions, we take the lid off reverb and examine it in the detail you’ve come to expect from DMP. We discuss exactly what reverb is, how it works, the principle of RT60, Sabins, early reflections, late reflections, reverberation fields, ambience, plates and chambers, alongside the uses of modulation, diffusion, spin, wander, EQ, reflection and pre-delay.

We understand that many producers know what reverb is and what it does but in our experience, very few actually understand it to its real extent. We show you how the professionals use reverb to create the all important ‘mix ambience’ – an essential technique to ‘gel’ your instrumentation together to give any record its unified presence – alongside some creative uses and techniques and even how to generate the special effects used in genres such as Techno, Minimal and Tech House.

A thorough understanding of reverb will not only improve the sound of your mixes but also help in all stages of the production process including sound design.

This is the most important video Ive ever watched besides the Redneck Olympics. Damn Rick, you are a Saint amongst mortals. If there is one DVD to is this.

 Runtime: 3hr 30 minutes

 DVD Contents:

An introduction to the DVD
Session 01: Science of Reverb:: 25 minutes.
In this first session, we give you an introduction to the science behind reverberation, discussing the movement of waveforms and the principle behind sonic reflections.
Session 02: Artificial Areas:  35 minutes
Here, we examine how to relate the science discussed in the previous session to a typical studio quality reverb unit. We consider the reverberation characteristics of an area – and then create an emulation of it in our reverb unit.
Session 03: Different Approaches: 40 Minutes.
Here, we look at the different types of reverb emulation that have been developed over the years and how they sound, including Plate, Spring, Chamber, Room and Hall.
Session 04: Reverb and Mixing 1: 25 minutes
How we can use reverb in a mix to create an ambience and help the instruments all gel together.
Session 05: Reverb and Mixing 2: 40 minutes
A further look at how we can use reverb in a mix to create an ambience and help the instruments all gel together.
Session 06: Creative Reverb: 35 Minutes
An examination of some of the creative techniques and uses behind reverb.
Session 07: Programming Convolvers: 20 Minutes
In this final session, we examine convolver reverb units and how to create your own Impulse Responses using them, plus how to use them creatively to create effects now appearing in Techno, Tech House and Minimal.

Brilliant tutorial, really has me paying close attention to the tracks I listen to, I need to mess about with the various reverb plugins I got, big thanks to Rick and the team for this one

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