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Sessions are our range of video tutorials that are dedicated to helping producers understand the most indispensible and commonly used plug-ins and synthesizers employed in the production of electronic dance music.

The ability to use your production tools efficiently and properly forms the rudimentary difference between an amateur and professional but relies on completely understanding both the theory and practice of application. Each sessions tutorial offers a complete breakdown and explaination of the unit in focus so if you're struggling to understand the theory and applications of compression, EQ, Delay or want to understand the parameters on offer in the Virus Ti, our sessions tutorials are essential.

The Access Virus has grown to become one of the most influential synthesizers in the production of dance music. Its distinctive sonic signature can be heard on thousands of dance records but being a particularly complex synthesizer it can take some time to understand all the parameters on offer.

For this sessions tutorial we decipher the often bewildering array of parameters on offer and show how you can use the Virus Ti to its full potential.

In Sessions 05: The Virus Ti, we spend close to 5 hours of video walking through and dissecting the interface tab by tab covering all the parameters on offer including the browser, the three oscillators and the different synthesis engines they offer. We discuss and examine the twin filters, the LFO’s, the modulation matrix, the Arp, the effects, the Atomizer and Vocoder. We even cover the often bewildering remote utility and ‘MIDI string programming’ showing how to control other synths, virtual Instruments and Plug-ins using the Virus hardware parameters.

(NB: this tutorial concentrates on using the Ti integrated into the sequencer via its plug-in interface, it does not cover using the system as a standalone unit)

I can now get so many different sounds out of my Virus that I’d never even imagined before. You’ve breathed new life into what was already my favorite synth!

 Runtime: Over 5hrs

 DVD Contents:

An introduction to the DVD
Session 01: The Browser:: 16 minutes.
Session 02: Classic Oscillators:  33 minutes
Session 03: Hypersaws: 16 Minutes.
Session 04: Wavetables: 20 minutes
Session 05: Granular & Formant: 21 minutes
Session 06: Oscillators Again: 20 Minutes
Session 07: The Filters: 40 Minutes
Session 08: LFO's & Matrix: 25 Minutes
Session 09: Arpeggiator: 12 Minutes
Session 10: FX Section: 42 Minutes
Session 11: Common & Patch: 27 Minutes

Rick covers just about any parameter, he does say that he doesn’t go too much into synthesis, but this DVD has definately unveiled some new synthesis concepts to me.

Price: £19.95

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Established in 2003, DMP is an established studio and ghost production facility for international artists and DJ's, specialising online in tutorial videos. It is also home of the "Dance Music Manual", the critically acclaimed textbook on the production of electronic music published by Focal Press.



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