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Fundamentals are our range of video tutorials that are dedicated to the ‘fundamental’ production techniques and procedures that all practicing EDM producers should be completely versed in. Covering topics such as drum programming, music theory, formal structure and ear training techniques, our fundamental series are our best selling products.

For the first edition of our fundamental series, this video tutorial examines the most fundamental element behind all types of dance music: the drum groove. If you've ever wondered how you can produce the professional sounding drum loops and rhythms you hear on the dance floor and on sample CD's, Fundamental 1 has the answer.

As you've probably come to realise, programming a great, professional sounding EDM drum loop takes more than just dropping a few samples into a DAW and hoping for the best. Instead, it requires knowledge of a number of specialist techniques and for this tutorial we spend over 3 hours focusing on these crucial techniques that are required to produce professional sounding rhythms, from the composition and modulation techniques right through to the engineering involved. The tutorial begins with a number of step-by-step tutorials for synthesizing a number of different drums timbres, alongside discussions on editing, tuning and layering kicks to produce the archetypal EDM kick drum. If you thought it was as simple as choosing a few samples…think again.

The tutorial then examines the all-important production techniques involved in programming professional EDM drum loops using a number of example genres (House and Trance, Chill Out, Progressive House, Tech House and Techno) as examples. We reveal the fundametnal techniques used by the professionals to keep them sounding fresh, professional and capable of sustained listening. This includes topics such as employing metrical dissonance and projection, the importance of signal modulation and the use of effects and processors to create the professional foundation rhythm that your entire track rests upon. And all in the same, complete, in-depth style you’ve come to expect from us at Dance Music Production.

If you struggle programming drum timbres and rhythms that sound truly professional, Fundamental 1 will unlock your potential.

Since watching this tutorial my very first session turned into a super fat loop, better than anything I've accomplished in over 10 years of trying...

 DVD Contents:

An introduction to the DVD
Session 01: Programming Kicks: 50 minutes.
How to program professional dance kick timbres using drum synthesizers, alongside the techniques for tuning and layering kicks so they pull through the mix and don't create the dreaded ' LF dissonance'.
Session 02: Programming Timbres: 20 minutes.
An introduction and walkthough on how to program a variety of different drum timbres on a drum synthesizer.
Session 03: Modulation: 45 Minutes.
How the professional dance producers maintain interest in repetitive drum rhythms and patterns, a technique that has become a vital production technique for any dance music genre.
Session 04: Displacement: 30 minutes
The ideas behind one of the most important principles in dance music and its rhythms. This session discusses how ambigious displacement separates dance music from all other genres.
Session 05: Metrical Dissonance: 30 minutes
The uses of dissonance on the metrical layout of a rhythm, this session shows how all dance genres use this technique to throw your senses and keep you interested in the music.
Session 06: More Examples: 30 Minutes
This session culminates all the examples from the previous sessions into one drum loop, showing how it can be used to create the loops typical of all dance genres, and in particular their uses to create the complex rhythms found within Techno, Minimal and Tech House.
Session 07:Processing: 10 Minutes
How dance musicians use different types of processing on the drum loops to make them pound out rhythms, this includes the use of parallel compression.

I personally have hard time learning anything like this without following along and creating beats described in the tutorials by hand and fortunately everything is described in a way that can be followed in any DAW and similar VSTs (I used Ableton Live 8). Thank you for this!

Price: £19.95

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