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This genre tutorial examines the production, theory, tips and techniques behind the creation of UK "Progressive House". (Note that UK Progressive House consists of smooth grooves and gentle developing melodies, similar in some respects to progressive trance. It should not be confused with the U.S "mainroom house" style). Filmed over a period of 3 weeks, this is perhaps our most intense training tutorial so far covering a host of compositional and engineering techniques associated with the genre.

As with all of our genre driven tutorials, we begin with a blank sequencer and over a period of 7 hours, construct an example of a Progressive House track. During the build we examine and discuss the compositional, production and engineering skills and techniques employed in its creation. We discuss the entire process from the initial starting points of composing the leads and bass lines through the programming of the sounds, the application of effects and the requisite processing along with a number of the arrangement techniques.

During the course of the tutorial we also examine and discuss the all-important production techniques that are used to create this genres rhythmical pulsing feel – including the uses of dissonance, metrical ambiguity, displacement, side-chain displacement, pulsing and rhythmical ambiguity.

I am 3/4 of the way through this tutorial, and the depth and breadth of techniques you can pick up is very wide and varied...I am now in no doubt that Rick is a first rate teacher.

 Runtime: Over 7 Hours

 DVD Contents:

An introduction to the DVD
Session 01: Composing a Lead
In this first session, we discuss the starting point of progressive house – the lead – and look at some of the ways in which it can be composed.
Session 02: Composing a Bass: 
Here we examine the theory behind composing a bass for progressive house..
Session 03: Synthesis 
For this session we begin to synthesize the instruments for the genre, starting with the lead and bass.
Session 04: Programming Rhythms 
Here we begin to structure the basic drum rhythm and examine principles such as dissonant placement.
Session 05: More Composition 
Here we begin to develop on our theme and introduce the atypical progressive house offset pulsing.
Session 06: Displacement 1 - Timbres 
For this session we examine programming timbres for the displaced rhythmic positions
Session 07: Displacement 2 - Drums 
We further augment the basic drum rhythms with our previously programmed drum timbres.
Session 08 - 12: Arranging: 
The final four sessions of this tutorial examine arranging the example track we’ve been producing throughout the tutorial.

I really enjoyed the serious vibe of this track, and would love to see a trance (progressive trance??) tutorial in a similar vein in the future.

Price: £34.95

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