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Trance Production is our second release on composing and producing electronic dance music. The first part of a two part course (Mixing and Mastering being the second part to this tutorial) we spend close to three hours focusing on how to write, engineer and produce a trance track. The track constructed in this tutorial was originally released in 2009 under the name Phiadra. It reached number 37 in the Beatport charts, has been played on numerous internet radio stations and is still being played to this date.

Starting with a blank sequencer, the 3 hour video course is designed to be used in conjunction with the Dance Music Manual (first, second or third edition) and follows us through the construction and programming of the trance track “Sunset”. It shows how the theory of the book can be applied into practice.

The recording software was left running throughout the entire construction and production of the track and was later edited down to the most pertinant points filling three hours to fit onto the DVD.

Split into easy to understand sessions, the DVD covers the construction and production used to create Sunset including the inital starting point of getting the ideas down, through to how to approach the synth programming, application of effects, processing and finally arrangement to create the complete track.

Please note that this was one of our earliest releases and therefore has a lower video resolution than our other releases.

For anyone wondering whether or not this DVD is for you, or if it is worth the price. Let me tell you that you will not find quality of this caliber anywhere else.

 DVD Contents:

An introduction to the DVD
Session 01: Ideas
For this session we begin by discussing ideas and jotting them down into the sequencer.
Session 02: Drum Programming:
With our basic ideas down we begin by constructing a driving drum loop.
Session 03: The Bass:
We follow the drum loop by designing a bass line to compliment and create the groove of the record.
Session 04: The Lead:
Here, we begin to construct a short pluck lead for the record.
Session 05: Chord Progression:
With the basics of the track down, we begin to construct a chord progression.
Session 06: Composing Riffs: 25 Minutes
For this session we concentrate on designing some small riffs for the music.
Session 07: The Main Lead:
Here we design the main lead for the record.
Session 08: Composing Motifs:
For this session we concentrate on designing a motif.
Session 09: Arranging The Track:
For this session we begin to arrange the music into a track
Session 10: Risers and Effects
Here we examine how to construct an uplifting riser for the music.
Session 11: Arranging Part 2
We continue and complete the arrangement of the track.
Session 12: Preparing for a Mixdown
For the final session, we work towards a mix-down by cleaning up tracks in the arrangement.

 Runtime 3 Hours

Price: £29.95

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