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Uplifting trance, sometimes termed “Main Room”, “Euphoric”, “Anthem” or “Peak Time” is one of the most dominant forms of dance music worldwide, consisting of energetic melodic riffs, a fast tempo and a driving bass. Almost guaranteed to fill most dance floors, this tutorial dissects the genre and discusses in detail how its composed, constructed and engineered…

As with all of our genre driven DVDs, we start with a blank sequencer and gradually construct an uplifting Trance track, examining the compositional, production and engineering skills and techniques employed in its creation for each step. We cover the entire process from the initial starting point of getting the ideas down, through synth programming, application of effects and processing, and the arrangement techniques including examining the principle behind the dual bass system, how to build drive and energy, builds, breaks, drums and of course, how to compose and synthesize the all important lead melody.

Spanning close to 8 hours of video, this edition also contains each individual audio channel from the finished track, all of the MIDI, all of the programmed synth settings as presets and all the created drum timbres individually as audio. These latter drum samples are copyright free and may be used in your own productions.

This arrived through my letterbox last saturday. All I can say is if you want to improve in any area of music , then these DVD's are a must...So if any of you on here have any doubts about the DVD's....I can highly recommend what I have seen so far...

 Runtime: 7 Hours 30 minutes

 Tutorial Contents:

An introduction to the DVD
Session 01: Composing Leads:: 50 minutes.
In this first session, we discuss the theory and process behind creating uplifting trance leads, whilst creating one for our example track.
Session 02: Composing the Bass:  26 minutes
Here we examine the theory and process behind creating the all important dual bass system used in uplifting trance..
Session 03: Programming Drums & Rhythms: 53 Minutes.
For this session we lay down the foundation of the track, the drums, and examine some of the tricks used to keep the drum rhythm from becoming too repetitive..
Session 04: Bass Synthesis: 30 minutes
With the drums programmed, we return to the dual bass and program the timbres for the final track.
Session 05: Lead Synthesis: 36 minutes
With the groove of the record down and underpinning the track, we now turn our attention to programming the lead timbres for the final track.
Session 06: Creating Drive: 40 Minutes
With the tracks basics nearing completion we add some more drive to the rhythm section and bass in preparation for the arrangement.
Session 07: Arrangements 1: 46 Minutes
With most of the mix elements now in place, we being on the arrangement of the track.
Session 08: Defining Groove: 55 Minutes
In the second part of the arrangement, we work on defining the groove of the record.
Session 09: Breakdown & Reprise: 58 Minutes
After defining the groove of the record in the arrangement, we now turn our attention to the breakdown to chords and the reprise with the main lead..
Session 10: Final Arrangement: 57 Minutes
We finish the arrangement and run through the track making a few final edits.

I have just had a look at a Sonic Academy Tutorial on trance that I bought ages ago and thought was good at the time...........NOW........ok the Sonic Academy tutorial has value in terms of a different approach to midi notes programing and arranging etc than RIck (not better just different) BUT in terms of sound design, proccessing, mixing and getting a good quality professional sound there is just no comparison they are poles apart! The drums on the Sonic Acadamy tutorial are just lifeless....yes it tells you how to program the midi drum notes but there is no movement and it has just highlighted to me the importance of applying the right processing with the right tools as Rick suggests in his tutorials.

Price: £34.95

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