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The sessions pack

 The Sessions Pack: £74.95

The sessions pack is aimed towards producers who want to learn the requisite theory and practical applications of the most significant and heavily used processors and effects in a producers arsenal. Over 14 hours of video tutorial dissect and explain both the theory and practice behind reverb, compression, EQ and delay.

Note: The sessions pack also includes the "Spotlight on Soundtoys" - an in-depth explaination of the soundtoys plug-ins and the parameters they offer.

  1. Sessions: Reverb
  2. Sessions: Compression
  3. Sessions: EQ
  4. Sessions: Delay
  5. + Spotlight - Soundtoys


NB: The download version of the Sessions Pack is around 6GB - we only recommend purchasing this if you have a fast and reliable connection.


For more information on each release and sample videos, please follow the Read More link:


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