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The Spotlight range of tutorials are aimed at producers who want to understand the practical application of manufacturer specific plug-ins. Each Spotlight tutorials walks through every parameter on offer through the interface and explains how each affects the audio when used. If you own a plug-in that you don't quite understand or know how to use to its full potential, the Spotlight range have you covered.

For this edition of Spotlight, we examine what are perhaps the most infamous collection of plug-ins used by almost all professional producers - the Soundtoys Plug-ins. This edition starts with Tremolator and also covers Filterfreak 1 & 2, Phase Mistress, and Crystalizer. Every parameter on each interface is explained along with the effects that each will impart onto the audio being processed.

NB:This release only discusses the Tremolator, Phase Mistress, Filterfreak (1 & 2) and the Crystalizer. It does not cover SoundToys Echoboy, Panman, Decapitator or the Boutique plug-ins. These will be available shortly and Echoboy is covered in detail in the Sessions 07 Delay Tutorial.


Spotlights are only available as digital downloads/electronic delivery.

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Established in 2003, DMP is an established studio and ghost production facility for international artists and DJ's, specialising online in tutorial videos. It is also home of the "Dance Music Manual", the critically acclaimed textbook on the production of electronic music published by Focal Press.



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