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For Volume 22, we discuss sound design.

When it comes to dance music, sound design is paramount. Great sounds are the major contributing factor that separate a professional track from others that sound like a bedroom demo. However, while there have been numerous tutorials dedicated to synthesis and sound design, many completely bypass the real world application when it comes to producing professional dance music.

For volume 22 - Sound Design - we cover the entire picture from start to finish. We don’t just walk through the fundamentals of synthesis and expect you to create great sounds, we go in depth on the techniques that are currently in use by professional producers and artists today, and there is a lot more to it than mixing a couple of oscillators together.

Spread over 3 discs, we dig into the three vital areas of sound design for the contemporary dance musician; the theory and fundamentals of using analogue and wavetable synthesis, the practical synthesis application and finally the layering and processing that is required to produce the professional results you expect to hear on records today.

  • Module 1: Analogue & Wavetable Synthesis

For the first disc we introduce the fundamentals of analogue and wavetable synthesis. Employing FFT and waveform analysis, we examine oscillators, wavetables, filters, parallel and serial linking, tuning, envelopes and the various modulation options including phase and pulse modulation. Using a number of audio examples mixed with some simple exercises, we’ll teach you not only the basics of synthesis but also show how you can begin to train your ears to predict synthesis results.

  • Module 2: Practical Synthesis

With the basic applications covered, we move into practical sound design and basic layering. Here we explain the theory and practice behind professional sound design. Using a variety of software and hardware synthesisers including Massive, FM8, Sylenth, Spire, Moog (Slim Phatty) & Virus Ti we show the practical application and methods for synthesising both classic and cutting edge sounds used in dance music today by creating new sounds alongside recreating sounds from other commercial tracks. This includes examining the approaches that are used by professional artists to construct basses, pads, leads and sound effects. 

  • Module 3: Synthesis Processing

For the final disc we move onto more complex layering of sounds and how you can process the results with effects and processors. Using numerous examples from the previous disc and from both hardware and software synthesisers, we show how to build and layer more complex sounds, and then how to process them to produce the huge basses, leads, strings and pads you hear on many professional records.


 DVD Contents: 3 DVD's

Module 1: Subtractive Synthesis & Wavetable

Module 2:  Programming Synths

Module 3: Layering & Processing


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Price: £44.95



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